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                Your Location:  Technology Innovation Equipment Manufacturing

                Equipment Manufacturing

                I. Brief Introduction for Equipment Manufacturing of Heater & Reformer

                Equipment and Manufacturing is one main business of Shanghai Baoye Group, the achievement is improved year by year in the industrial area of heater, reformer and prefabricated piping assembly. Shanghai Baoye provides services for CNOOC, Air Liquide, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, KNPC, etc. and sells the products to Kuwait, Iran, Turkey, Canada, Trinidad and other countries.

                II. Design Capacity

                1. BIM

                2. Intelligent Pipeline Section Design

                3. X-Steel (3D Model)

                III. Process

                1. Automatic Welding of Pipe

                2. Pre-fabrication for Pipe

                3. Trial Assembly of Wall Panel

                4. Components Delivering of Reformer

                5. Convection Module of Heater

                6. Stack of Heater

                7. Convection Section of Heater

                IV. Application Cases

                1. CBDC project
                Work Scope: Materials Supply, Fabrication & Assembly
                Site: ABU Dhabi
                Year: 2013

                2. TMD Project
                Work Scope: Materials Supply, Fabrication, Modularization, Piping/Coil Fabrication & Lining installation, RO-RO onto the vessel
                Site: Trinidad
                Year: 2016

                3. ARP STAR Project
                Work Scope: Heater Supply & Fabrication & Lining installation, Coil Fabrication &Modularization
                Site: Turkey
                Year: 2014

                4. KNPC ZOR Project
                Work Scope: Steelworks and Fabrication Lining Installation, Coil Fabrication & Modularization
                Site: Kuwait
                Year: 2016

                5. Hydrogen reformer project in Caojing industrial district
                Work Scope: Materials Supply, Fabrication & Assembly
                Site: China
                Year: 2010

                6. Project Name: Steam Reformer for Methanol Unit of 600 Thousand Tons/Year
                Work Scope: Materials Supply, Fabrication & Assembly
                Site: China
                Year: 2005